Thursday, December 07, 2006

Naps Rule!

I had a doctor's appointment today in the morning at a place about an hour away from my apartment if there's no traffic. Needless to say, I spent most of the morning in the car, excepting the 45 minutes or so I was in my doctor's office. It's ok, though, as I told people not to expect me today at work. Things have been crazy enough lately that I already had enough hours stocked up so I didn't have to take leave to not show up today, so when I got home at about 1 p.m., I decided to relax at home. I ended up taking a short nap on my couch at about 3 (until about 3:30ish). Oz had crawled onto my stomach and with him curled up, I was pretty comfy. After I got up, I felt great, and then proceeded to have a fantastic workout tonight. I got to the gym a little earlier than usual so did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Brian had me do some boxing first, then we did upper body work. It was a great workout, if only I could take a nap everyday!!!!

Things have been going well, workout-wise, though work's been absolutely insane so I haven't written much about what we've done. I found out today that I've lost 11.5 lbs since starting working out with Brian, which I'm stoked about. Anyway, I stand by my subject line: naps rule!


Patrick said...

Keep it up! You'll be a cardio wonder in no time.

John said...

Ok, I miss Oz. Has he become a more normal cat?

kristin said...

Wow, talk about somebody I hadn't heard from in awhile, funny seeing you here, John!

Oz is still abnormal. I suppose he's more normal than he was when you last saw him, but he's still nuts. One of my biggest problems with him right now is that he really likes my TV. Like, really likes it. So much so that he sits in front of it and paws at it. Especially if there are sports on...stupid cat.

John said...

The last time I saw him we were both moving out and he was obviously in distress. I sat down to get some stuff. Out of nowhere, he pounced on me, landed on my chest and knocked me over...and sat down. As if to say "Where the f*ck have you been? Do not move."