Sunday, March 09, 2008

If I Kill Oz...'ll know why.

My TV is a 52" Sony Bravia XBR LCD (the exact numbers are KDL-52XBR4, but that really doesn't matter much). The TV it replaced was a 30-ish inch CRT TV that was at least 10 years old, one I got when my aunt passed away in 2001. With the old TV, Oz would sometimes lay on top of it and if I was playing a soccer video game, or when playing Final Fantasy X, he'd try to bat at the ball/cursor moving around on the screen. It was funny, but it was a rare occurrence, and so it wasn't much of a problem.

With this new TV, Oz seems to want to attack everything. If I have the Cartoon Network on, he attacks the logo in the lower left corner. If I have sports on (like soccer or basketball), he bats at the ball, and only runs away when the TV zooms to a close-up of a player coming towards the camera. If I have a movie on, he bats at things moving on the screen. I'm going to have to buy a spray bottle to contend with the situation...or, you know, kill him. ;)

He's much cuter when he's trying to imitate the RCA dog.

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