Friday, August 01, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

So, it's been over a year since I last swam on a "regular" basis. The last time I swam was about a month and a half ago, and before that was probably 5 months previous. So I decided, after watching Wendy's triathlon over the weekend, that I should get my butt in gear and swim more.

So I did. I have a book called "The Fit Swimmer: 120 Workouts and Training Tips." The first 12 (or 13?) workouts are setup such that you're supposed to do 1 workout 3 times per week, and they build you up to a mile of continuous swimming. The first workout is to do 9 50's, for example. The first 3 workouts, if I remember correctly (the book is at work right now) are all 450 yard swims.

I started on workout 2, which is supposed to be:
150 free
75 kick
75 pull with buoy
150 free, progressive
(no rest, only stop long enough to switch equipment)

What did I do?
150 free
75 kick
75 pull with buoy and paddles
150 free
(no rest, only stopped long enough to switch equipment)
Repeated the above 2 times, with no more than a minute between 450 sets.
Then swam 300. Then kicked 75. Then pulled 75 (with buoy and paddles). The kicked 50, pulled 50, kicked 50, pulled 50.

Total distance: 2,000 yards (1 mile + 200 yards)
One thing I did notice was that it felt better to swim with the paddles than without. As I found out, the pressure of my stroke on my right hand is enough to make it hurt. The paddles, while adding resistance (thus making me stronger!), diffused the pressure a bit. In today's swim, I borrowed Wendy's paddles, TYR Mentor paddles (she has the red ones). I'll be going to the swimming store tomorrow to pick up a pair for myself.

I'm glad I swam today, and glad I was able to do a pretty good workout, but for some reason, I think I'm going to regret this in the morning...

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