Friday, January 27, 2012

2012...The End?

So it's 2012 and I utterly failed in my 2011 goal of cooking out of each cookbook I own (though I did diversify my "goto recipe" list a bit). The Mayans say that the world is going to end in 2012 so I figure I may as well try to write a little more in this last year here. I'll admit, I was partly inspired by Lindsey's renewed blogging in 2012, too, to write more here.

Not much has changed since 2011. My back is still jacked up. Surgery in early 2011, like the one in 2010, helped a bit but then I grew tons of scar tissue on the nerve roots and so I'm still dealing with pain and burning down my left leg. My right leg is also feeling it, though it's not as bad. I've been trying different things with a pain management specialist including drugs and steroid injections.

As a direct result of my back issues, I've been spending a lot less time at the gym. I need to get back into my gym habit, as it will probably help or at least not make things worse...but it's hard to motivate to go to the gym when you wake up in pain and have to take a lot of drugs to keep it away. So that's kind of depressing. However, also as a direct result of my significantly more sedate lifestyle, I'm doing a lot more reading. I joined Goodreads when the Sword and Laser book club moved from Ning to Goodreads. I'm terpkristin over there, should you want to follow my reviews. I'm probably going to start posting my reviews over there on this blog, too, so you can see what I'm reading. I have made a goal of reading 52 books in 2012 (compared to the 47 I read in 2010 and the 44 I read in both years, though, that ended up being right around 21,000 pages).

Something else new for 2012 is my "photo 365" project. Every day, I'm posting a picture I take with my iPhone to my twitter account. During the winter, when I work long hours, there are a lot of Oz pictures. I'm hoping that on weekends and during the spring, summer, and fall, I can get some non-indoors shots. :) I'm also curating the photos at flickr and am going to try to do a once-a-week summary here.

And, who knows, I may end up posting some of my cooking and crafting adventures. Time will tell. So, happy 2012, people.

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Happy 2012!