Saturday, September 25, 2004

Rehab, Day 1...

well day one was actually on wednesday the 22nd but let's face it, between school and my birthday i didn't have enough motivation to write anything...

to tell the truth, rehab isn't a lot of fun. but i'm going into this particular stretch of physio with a lot more optimism. i mean, in the past i know i've been hurting in odd ways prior to starting rehab (odd ways meaning i was pretty sure something was wrong) while this time i feel confident that most things are working properly. i'll admit i'm still sore over my ligament reconstruction, but the pain isn't nearly as bad as it's been before. my biggest goals with rehab are to be able to walk comfortably again and to be able to walk down a flight of stairs without taking it one step at a time.

so my PT, dean, beat me up a bit on wednesday. he doesn't seem to think i'll get much more range of motion in the ankle in terms of brining my foot/toes up towards me, but i need that motion if i want to talk downstairs properly. i think if i work at it, i'll be able to get it. so far PT incorporates picking up marbles or pennies with my toes, doing toe curls, and doing thera-band exercises to strengthen my calf muscles. i assume that soon i'll start biking and trying to do some balance, too. i have no idea what picking up the pennies with my toes or doing the toe curls does in terms of "fixing/rehabbing" my ankle, but it hurts so i assume it's doing something.

i can't wait until i get to do more things...stay posted here for more updates!!

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