Saturday, September 18, 2004

What's Up in the World of K?

so it seems my Sex and the City binge is done for at least the time being; i seem to have run out of episodes available on OnDemand.

can i just mention how much i love OnDemand, and DVR in general? it's such a useful tool for watching tv, even if it's just live tv--there is something quite grand about being able to pause live tv. :D i noticed last night that they added Sex and the City to the HBO OnDemand lineup. it's just the first 12 or so episodes of season 6, but it's better than watching the season 1/2 episodes from TBS. to be nice to my roommate john, i waited to watch these episodes until he was out for the evening.

Maryland Terps football lost today to the Mountaineers of West Virginia University. it was an awful game to watch; hopefully after today's debacle, statham will no longer be the starting qb. haha, look at me pretending to talk like i know what i'm saying about football. truth be told, football makes no sense, probably because i played soccer for so long. but i do have to be loyal to my Terrapins.

now that i'm free of the cast, i'm supposedly clear to bike (on a stationary bike) and swim. and provided i can find someone to teach me, i can play golf. ;) any takers? honestly i'm afraid of hitting the bike yet. i know myself and my tendency to overdo things, and let's face it, i can't deal with any more surgery. i want to hit the pool, too, but i'm waiting for the scrapes and cuts on my ankle and foot to heal fully before i swim...i guess i should find my bathing suit, too.

oz the psycho kitty seems to want my attention now, so i'll wrap it up for the night. maybe on the next entry i'll actually write about something more interesting... :D


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