Wednesday, November 10, 2004


An entry of progress reports...I figured it's been awhile since I updated on my rehab status or on my workout status.

Workouts first. I swam twice last week and plan on doing so again this week. Also as expected, I was at PT twice last week and will be this week. Unfortunately that biking thing just isn't happening yet. Dean, my physical therapist, doesn't yet want me to do more than 10 minutes on the bike. I really can't justify changing, setting up the trainer, then taking it down and changing again for a 10 minute workout. Alas, I'm going wait until he gives me the go-ahead for 30 minutes (at least) before I start riding. I expect it could come soon. Until then, I'm trying to do calesthenics on my "off" days; situps, pushups, leg work as tolerated by my ankle.

PT is going better this week, too. I seem to have finally escaped my slump/depression over lack of progress and general frustration with my ankle. I'm gaining strength in my leg and can finally do a step down of a SHORT step. I guess the next thing to try will be doing a step down from a larger step, though really any step progress is great for me. One day I really would like to be able to take steps like a normal person again instead of one at a time. I'm also getting better at balancing--I'm up to about 10 seconds if my leg is fresh. One thing we've started that I don't particuarly enjoy but is necessary is gait training. That is where I step over a ruler and make a strong point of not throwing my hip. It's hard. It actually requires a lot of focus and energy. But I've noticed myself walking better even "just out in the street" so I'm putting up with the gait training.

Not bad for progress.

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