Monday, May 09, 2005

A Couple of Updates

First update, as a follow up to my Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy entry, Grace posted a comment that she had converted the online version of the ebook I found to an iSilo format, for those who have it. I imagine iSilo is MUCH more convenient than reading it as a doc format in Documents To Go, so if you have iSilo and want the book, go grab it! :)

Second, I'm now entering my 5th month of being unemployed. So, first, if you happen to know of anybody who might have a need for an aerospace engineer in the DC-metro area, please drop me a line. Alternatively, if you would like to help me out financially, please click on any or all of the links in the right sidebar in the "Ads by Gooogle" box. I get a few pennies for each click, and it would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.

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