Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back on the Bike

For the first time since having some downright crippling back spasms a couple weeks ago, I went for a bike ride today. Wendy and I went out for an easy ride along the W&OD Trail. It's a convenient ride for us, as the trail runs right by our work. We went for 11.08 miles, an out-and-back trip from the Dulles area through Herndon and then back. I love riding, but not having done it for a couple weeks definitely made me a little rusty. For one, my back did stiffen up a bit, but I was able to stretch it out while on the bike. The other problem I had, which is a problem I've had before and still don't have a good solution to, is that my fingers went numb. It wasn't a cold ride (the weather here was GORGEOUS today, I think it was between 65 and 75 degrees when we rode), but for some reason, whenever I ride, my fingers go numb. I'm sure it has to do with the pressure on my hands, but no matter what type of gloves I wear or how I grip the handlebars, my fingers go numb. I mitigate this by taking my hands off the bars to loosen them up, but it's not overly convenient. Wonder if there's anything else I can do about it.

Oh well. I'll probably be back in the pool tomorrow, unless I hear from the personal trainer. I didn't hear from him today (though I expected to), so hopefully I'll hear from him tomorrow.

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Meredith from WLHS said...

I didn't realize you're living in the NoVA area. I'm still in Vienna at the same house where you visited us that one time.