Monday, February 07, 2005

CNN Learns About Podcasting

Welcome to 2005, CNN.
Talk about a subject that really started (and was hyped in the younger community) in 2004, finally it seems that old fogies are getting in on the Podcasting action. No, you don't need an iPod to make a Podcast OR to listen to one. It's a nouveau way of saying "a radio-esque broadcast that's recorded and then put on the net in MP3 format so others can listen to it." At least it didn't take until 2006 for you to hear about it...


Craig Patchett said...

Hey're actually missing the main aspect of why podcasting has become such a big deal. (And I'm one of the people that HAS been podcasting since 2004!) It's the fact that you can subscribe to those MP3s in the same way you can subscribe to a newsfeed or blog. It's the equivalent of a custom-designed radio station downloaded to your computer (and/or portable MP3 player) automatically each day, available to listen to on demand. Even better, just as blogs put written content into the average person's hands, podcasts put audio content into the average person's hands (or mouth). Very cool.

kristin, a/k/a gimpy said...

Thanks, Craig, for reminding me of that. Since I rarely use RSS (still looking for a good RSS reader for my Palm Pilot so I can update feeds either wirelessly or when I synchronize it), I'd forgotten about the presence of Podcasting as a "news medium," much like the blog has become a new sort of news source.

Alas, it's still a...weird experience to find that "mainstream" places such as CNN are still in the dark on such technologies. It really speaks volumes for the technological generation gap.

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