Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Silly Cats

Found a gem on Fark this morning, the mapping of a cat's brain. Though it's intended as humor, anybody who has ever owned a cat or spent any amount of time with a cat will fully agree how true it is. :) It certainly holds for Oz (my cat), Callisto (a/k/a Spot, one of my brother's cats), and Cheshie (a/k/a Sparky, my brother's other cat).

Speaking of the Oz-meister, figured I'd pop these photos of him up here. More photos of him can be found at my Photobucket album entitled "Oz the Psycho Kitty." Some of you may have seen this sequence at flickr, but I decided to move it over to Photobucket.

Oz contemplates the cup...

Oz decides to plant his head in the cup

Uh oh, it's stuck and he's trying to "back out" of the cup

Oops, he crashes into the milk crate makeshift desk and can't go back any farther

Have a good day, everybody!

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Brian C Merrell said...

Being a cat must be great.