Monday, February 07, 2005

Swedish Things

No, I'm not speaking of meatballs...

It seems, though, that I'm getting more and more involved in things from Sweden. This includes Hattrick (HT), which I've been a member of (and addicted to) since Februrary 19, 2003. Lately, though, it also includes a web comic called "Little Gamers" (LG) which is a bit like South Park geared to a video gamer/1337 audience. Anyway, if you've got an interest in soccer management games, check out HT, and if you play video games, check out LG. Both occupy more of my time lately than is probably healthy, but hopefully I'll have a job soon to recitify that situation.

Oh yeah, two of my favorite LG strips are here (GWB's 2005 inagural address) and here (comparisons of 1930's Germany with the current situations in the USA).

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G. said...

If you like webcomics, you should definetely check out this danish gem. Insane and hilarious!