Tuesday, February 01, 2005

San Diego Pictures!!!

For those of you who frequent the blog but don't talk to me on IM, so far I've posted about 1/2 the pictures I took in San Diego. I have all the pictures left from the zoo, and then some other random ones (just a few of those), hopefully I'll get them all up within the next day or so. I'll eventually put some of the better pictures directly in the blog, but to view the full albums, use the following links:

San Diego: Where We Stayed (5 pics)
San Diego Scenic Drive (7 pics)
Balboa Park (General Pictures) (22 pics)
San Diego Aerospace Museum (72 pics)
Japanese Friendship Garden (23 pics)
Mingei Museum (34 pics)
San Diego Miscellaneous Pictures (5 pics)

More pictures soon!!!

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Brian C Merrell said...


Looks like you had a good time.