Friday, April 29, 2005

Bamboo Bike Frame

Originally uploaded by terpkristin.
I vaguely remember seeing something about this mountain bike frame made of bamboo and carbon fiber awhile ago in one of my cycling magazines, but today Boing Boing and MAKE Magazine both had links to it. The main article, found here, also has a link to a story about how the bike was actually made, available here.

This looks super-light and super-cool. Though I must confess that I don't mountain bike much anymore (I'm really too injury-prone to do it...), this bike still looks like it'd be a lot of fun to make...and maybe even to turn into a commuting beast. Oh wait, I need a job to commute to before I really plan on commuting anywhere. Well, regardless, this looks like a really fun project, one I'd like to try, maybe once I land myself a job.

UPDATE: It seems the MAKE Magazine trackback link isn't working for me, so if you want to check out this really neat magazine, click here. :)


DamnMikeBrown said...

A wooden frame...yeah...sign me up.

The mtn biker can truely be "one" with the tree they will all ultimately smash in to then. . .

Hit the road, build power, build speed, build beauty. . .

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