Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Next Generation Tungsten

So the PalmOne Tungsten E2 was released last week, without much flair. For full reviews on it, I encourage you to check out any of the Palm/PDA-related links in the right sidebar here. I admit, the E-line just isn't exactly what I'm looking for in a Palm (low processing speed and low heap memory are the two major downsides for me, since I play a lot of games on my Palm in addition to "normal" computing uses). Thus, I haven't really read much about the E2, so I can't really offer anything useful on the device.

What does intrigue me, however, is the Tungsten T6/2005/X or LifeDrive device that was really just a rumor back in mid-March when I wrote about it then (see entry here). Now, reviewing the rumors then and the "facts" as we know them now, it seems that the rumors weren't too far off:
*Device name Tungsten T6 or Tungsten 2005 (now assumed to be Tungsten X or LifeDrive)
* OS 6 Cobalt (now assumed to be OS 5.4 Garnet)
* Bluetooth (STILL TRUE!)
* Wavelan a/k/a WiFi (STILL TRUE!)
* 1 GB flash memory (I believe now it's assumed it'll have 32-64--or more, I've heard varying estimates--MB of basic RAM and a 4 GB Hitachi hard drive)
* 3 Megapixel Camera (assumed completely untrue, no Tungsten device has an integrated camera)
* New connector (STILL TRUE! This will probably be the "Athena" connector found on the T5 and T|E2)
* VGA resolution 640 x 480 (actually, I believe it will be 480 x 320 HVGA screen)
* Graffiti 2 plus (the "plus" in theory includes voice commands. I have no idea about this one...)
* Interface to iTunes (this is unlikely, though the integrated mp3 player will be PocketTunes, a very nice player)
* The device is maximum 200 grams (absolutely no idea on this one)
* Automatic software update over internet (absolutely no idea on this one, either)
* Compatibility mode for pocket Windows is built in (not sure what this means)
* Initial price around $400 (now it seems it'll be in the $500-$550 range, more in line with the Dell Axim x50V)
* Launch date approx end of April (estimated date is now mid-May...May 18th range)

So, it seems that this device is going to be real! Now we can only really hope that I have nailed down a job by the time it's released, because I'll REALLY be tempted to buy it. :)

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