Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Good Riddance, John Gilchrist

The Washington Times reported Saturday that junior Terps point guard John Gilchrist will not be returning to the University of Maryland and will instead enter the NBA draft. According to the article, Terps coach Gary Williams believes he's signed with an agent. If this is the case, Gilchrist definitely cannot come back. Good riddance is what I say.

Gilchrist showed great promise in his freshman year and in his sophomore year was named the ACC Tournament MVP. In his junior year, however, he had his head up his ass thinking he was greater than god. I mean, of course, I don't know if that's exactly what he felt, but it's certainly how he played. He feuded with Gary over what his role should be, and I believe that the tension between Gary and John hurt the team's chemistry. Point guards need to be leaders, and he was leading them in the way HE thought it should happen. And, let's be honest here, with his poor shot selection and lackluster playing, he demonstrated he wasn't god's gift to basketball. So he's going to the NBA instead...if he gets taken. Apparently pre-draft estimates have him going late in the first round or early in the 2nd round, but if you've ever seen Gilchrist play, I think you'd agree he's not an NBA-caliber player. Not that it takes much to be "NBA caliber"...The NBA is a joke.

On a side note, I think Gilchrist's decision to leave the team may have been academic. Based on what I know from people who've met him, he's an arrogant asshole (which can be seen in his playing), and probably took that attitude off the court and into the classroom. You may remember back in January Gilchrist was not allowed to play in a game for failing to turn in an academic assignment on time. I think the problem was much deeper, and he may in fact be failing.

So, good riddance, John Gilchrist. Goodbye to bad blood. Now Terps fans can hope that Sterling Leadbetter is ready to step up as point guard. Based on his performance in the NIT, I think we can expect he'll settle into the position well, and just needs to get some confidence and learn how to be the leader the team needs at the position.

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