Thursday, April 21, 2005

Forbes on Podcasting

I know, I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's about time the "traditional media" and "older folks" (by that I mean old-fashioned, not necessarily the age-enhanced) recognize and acknowledge the utility and interest in podcasting, something the technologically advanced have been having fun with since the middle of last year. Be that as it may, though, Forbes has a great article on Podcasting, available here. And, while we're on the subject, here are the ones I listen to on a regular basis (with a description if it's not obvious):

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code
Engadget (gadget and technology news)
MAKE Magazine's podcast (Do-It-Yourself news and interviews)
The Gadget Show (from The Podcast Network)
1src (Palm and PDA-related news)
Gadling (travel writing, travel news)
Maximum Geek (geek stuff with Jeff Kirvin and Josh Curry...somewhat related to writing, but it's an acquired taste)
Micah's Minute (sometimes they are "tower 'casts" giving a behind-the-scenes look of air traffic control from what I believe is a private airfield in Toledo, OH, and other times, it's just random musings from Micah)
Mashup of the Week (usually the mashups are pretty good)
The Bottom Division Federation's Bottom Talk (related to the online soccer management game I and many others are addcited to, Hattrick)

Searchable indeces of podcasts of various types may be found at ipodder, PodcastAlley, and The Podcast Network. Personally, I use my RSS reader (Mozilla Thunderbird) to know when new podcasts are ready to be downloaded. Others use various aggregators such as iPodder which downloads the podcasts (usually in mp3 format) automatically and automatically puts them on your mp3 player when you connect it. I like using my RSS reader to do this because it lets me read a preview of the podcast in question and decide if I really want to listen to it. I save it locally, and then either listen to it on my computer while I work or pop it onto my iPod if I'm going to be on the road.

Happy listening!!!

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