Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI Frustrations

It would seem I'm not alone in my frustrations and fears in the selection of Pope Benedict XVI. I don't really consider myself "qualified" to make comments on the state of the religion. Yes, I am Catholic, but I've always been progressive and have always gone to a very progressive/liberal church. I don't see that the selection of the new Pope will change any of that. However, it's nice to hear that others, FAR MORE QUALIFIED THAN I to really have an opinion on the state of the Catholic Church, have the same fears and frustrations that I do; at least I'm not alone. For the views of other Catholics and Christians, I encourage you to read's opinion page on it...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,

Yes I understand your concerns about the new Pope, but don't worry just fix your eyes on Jesus and persevere without loosing heart...HE is our Great High Priest - not the Pope - he's a leader but not THE leader , so fear ye not !

Peace & blessings

Adrian UK
(a Christian who doesn't like these denominational divisions...)