Friday, April 01, 2005

When PDA's Die...

PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants, for those of you not so technologically inclined...) have become almost ubiquitous in society today. Whether people use the PDA functions built into their cellphones or actually shell out for devices such as those made by PalmOne, HP (iPAQ line), Dell (Axim line), Tapwave (Zodiacs), or any of the other ones out there, the point remains: people like electronic organizers.

The real trick is that some people seem to forget that they cannot keep their data in only one place. Personally, I synchronize my Palm Pilot at least once a day (more than once if I'm looking to update items in Documents to Go or update my news feeds on AvantGo), so I know that all of my important information about schedule and contacts is backed up and accessible through the Palm Desktop software on my computer. But what happens when people DON'T synchronize or otherwise backup their devices? The comic strip, "Real Life Adventues," has an idea, posted here. The upshot of this "Friday usefulness" post? Synchronize your device at least once a week. :)

UPDATE: It seems that the link to the "Real Life Adventures" comic strip won't work for most people (it requires a subscription to ucomics Premium). I'm sure you get the idea, though, of somebody being completely lost without their PDA. No numbers, no schedule, and no way of recreating that stuff if it's lost. Remember to backup your data!

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