Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Better Late...

...than never.

Just when I was thinking that this winter would be fairly tame, it decides to snow. Today's snow, the DC-Metro area's first real "snow storm" of the winter season has so far amounted to about an inch, maybe a little more. It's really pretty outside, though I must admit my little car (Mazda Protege5) didn't exactly enjoy the road conditions.

Because it was so pretty, I decided to take a few pictures (admittedly from the warmth of my apartment!).

This first one is a picture looking out from the back of my apartment. It's a mostly-wooded area, though there is a house just to the left of the picture's frame:

This one is looking out from the front of my apartment. You can actually see my car, on the far right side of the picture. It's a black little car without much snow on it, because I took the picture shortly after returning home to my apartment (it's behind the tree branches):

Finally, this is one again from my back window:

As I type this, I'm thinking I really should get my camera out again and take a picture of the snow now, about an hour and a half later than the first pictures I took. This looks like it's the opening of the season for College Park, as the news is saying there is a chance for more snow Saturday and into Sunday. 'Tis the season! :)

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