Friday, January 21, 2005

Two Gems Lifted From FARK

I love FARK, and these two exemplify why:

First, whoever thinks of website URL's/domain names should really consider what their domain names look like when all "one word." Now, if you saw the link, what would be your first guess of what might be at the other side of the link? OK, now CLICK the link. I promise, it's safe for work. That is all that really needs to be said about this one, but if you want more, check out what the FARK'ers are saying.

The second one is a great weather alert written up by a humorous forecaster in Boston. While it's aimed at Boston readers, it may be applied to those readers in the DC-Metro area, too, since the rumor is that we're getting some snow this weekend. The link can be found here, but for simplicity, I've copied and pasted the great part, incase the link dies when they next update the weather report:
Battlestations! MAJOR snow's on the way. Here's the tenative timetable:

Another frigid night tonight. Lows a few degrees either side of zero. Hazy sun tomorrow as light snow continues out on Cape Cod.

Those snowshowers on Cape Cod join hands with a developing band of snow offshore and sweep into Boston in the afternoon. Meantime, the meat of the storm moves up from the southwest late day. We're in a pickle! The game is on!

Steady light snow turns heavy and ugly by midnight as the lines between ocean-effect and the main-storm blur. Sideways snow with near-blizzard conditions by the wee hours on Cape Cod and the Islands. Boston will be near whiteouts at times...classic nor'easter style.

The snow will be like baby powder: light and fluffy, but also dense in wind-driven snow banks. Try and keep it off your buns though.

Problems include the possibility of splashover at high tide on Sunday morning (see above) and the near-blizzard conditions on the Islands (ferry service may be halted) Sat. night and Sunday AM. Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket take it on the chin with this one.

Snow in Pittsburgh? Yeah tomorrow morning. Should be gone by game time with temps in the teens. Snow on the sidelines and maybe in the stands will give the Pittsburgh fans something to play with when the Pats are up by 30 in the fourth quarter.

FYI, I got dibbs on the english muffins in the bread isle - don't mess with me...I know Mr. Whipple.


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