Saturday, January 22, 2005

More Snow!!!

According to weather reports, College Park is going to get 6-10 inches of "heavy snow" (thanks to AccuWeather). Naturally I figured more pictures were in order. Just like last time, these were taken from inside my apartment, 2 from my room window (which looks to the back) and 2 from my front living room window. I'm not going anywhere today, my tires really aren't suited to driving in the snow. If you want to bring beer my way, of course, that would be welcomed. :D As I type this, the snow is continuing to fall, and it seems to be coming down at an even faster pace than it was when I took these pictures. Enjoy the snow!!!

First pictures, taken from the back window. It's pretty out there, but it's hard to see how much snow has really fallen.

These two pictures are from my front window. You can see my car in the first picture, it's to the left of the tree that's 1/3 of the way from the left. It's got a bit more snow on it this time than it did for the snow a couple of days ago.

This one is a little wider view, so you can see the roof of the apartments that abutt mine. My car is still there, same place.

More later, maybe.

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