Thursday, January 13, 2005

What's On My Tungsten C?

I recently wrote up this list of what programs (admittedly mostly games) are on my PalmOne Tungsten C. More information about Palm gaming can be found at PDArcade and information about Palm OS things in general (including gaming, useful applications, and technical stuff) can be found at 1Source. As a side note, most of these applications have Pocket PC (and sometimes WindowsSmartPhone) versions, so even if you're not a Palm OS user, you may want to check out titles that sound interesting. :)

-Agendus (date book/contacts replacement made by Iambic)

-Gamebox Asia (Mahjohng game by PDA Mill)

-AvantGo (FREE web browser and news reader)

-Bejeweled 2 (the diamond-swapping game from Astraware)

-Bike or Die! (really addictive bicycle stunt game...even those people who aren't into biking are into it)

-Super Bounce Out (the same PopCap or whoever makes it game ported to the Palm by Astraware)

-Kickoo's Breakout (the pong-ish game where you break bricks)

-Chess Tiger (IMO the best chess game available)

-Neat Freak's Cleanup (helps identify and remove unused files and orphans)

-Crosswords (Scrabble-ish game, also FREE)

-DataVizMail (Mail application since the Tungsten C comes with built-in WiFi)

-Documents to Go (allows creating and editing MS Word, Excel, and Power Point files and syncing with computer versions of said files...a version of this program may have come on your the CD-ROM that came with the Palm, it did for me)

-Earth Defender (one of those silly Space Invaders clones)

-Easy Calc (FREE calculator program with a lot of modes)

-eReader (basic version which is FREE, pro is on sale for 9.95 right now; used to read ebooks)

-Insaniquarium (Palm version of the popular game of same name)

-Jack or 100 Ways to BBQ (2-d platform-style game that I've had a lot of fun with)

-Legacy & all of its expansions (RPG created by Redshift)

-MicroFluxx (FREEware version of the sort-of-well-known Looney Labs game, Fluxx)

-Monsta (turn-based trategy game that I rarely if ever play)

-PalmEMS (EMS reference)

-Pictures to Go (part of the Documents to Go suite, allows viewing of pictures; can also be used to view images that come in as a part of email attachments)

-Pocket Mini Golf (easily the most fun miniature golf game out there with a whole slew of functions, made by Momentum Games)

-Pocket Mini Golf eXtra (the add-on for PMG, just some more courses and challenges)

-PToolbox (I think this came built-in, I have no idea what it does)

-QuizWiz (build your own flashcards for review of stuff on your Palm, it's FREE and it's been helpful in some of my classes)

-Snails (PDAMill's version of the Worms games; i.e. turn-based strategy to kill the opposite team of snails)

-Gamebox Solitaire (solitaire game)

-Gamebox Solitaire 2 (the "sequel" to the above title, really it's just a different collection of solitaire games)

-Due Yesterday (FREE program to keep track of homework assignements or other deadlines and a bit of planning)

-ZLauncher (launcher, version 5.10 or whatever)

-Neat Freak's Uninstall Manager (helps uninstall files and acutally remove all the associated files that may be hidden)

-Tots n Togs Christmas Edition (clothing-shop business simulator with really fun graphics and lots of challenge; the game is available from HANDYENT and from Astraware)

And now for the listing of books I have on the device (all from eReader)...
A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson
The Confusion by Neal Stepenson
The System of the World by Neal Stephenson
The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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