Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bush Nominates New NASA Chief

According to MSNBC, JHU Applied Physics Lab's space department head, Mike Griffin, has been nominated to be the next NASA Chief. He will replace Sean O'Keefe who (thankfully) stepped down to become chancellor at one of the LSU schools (good riddance).

I must confess I've never heard of Mike Griffin, though the MSNBC article quotes MD Senator Mikulski as saying the choice was "outstanding" and that he “has the right combination of experience in industry, academia and government service. He has a proven record of leadership and a passion for science and exploration. I welcome his nomination.” This is excellent news, as I trust Mikulski (heck, I've voted for her every time I could!) and share her hopes and visions for the future of the space program. Now I guess he just needs to be confirmed...

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Brian C Merrell said...

Ah yes; Mikulski. A vicious old bitch, but our vicious old bitch. When you need someone to fight for Democratic Maryland, she's the one for the job.