Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Do You Gizoogle?

I found the link to Gizoogle earlier today and it cracked me up. Basically, you enter either keywords for what you're "looking" for or you enter a URL you want "Gizoogle" and it turns it into a gangsta speak page. Yes, I've seen links for stuff like this before, but this one incorporates the search engine, which is just too funny. Anyway, for kicks, I Gizzogled this page and took a little clipping from the results:

Updated Again

I updated tha template I use fo` tha blizzog again...I decided I didn't exactly like how dizzle tha otha one was. Hopefully this will be tha last cosmetic change ta tha site fo` awhile . know what im sayin?.

On a completely unrelated note, pleaze feel free ta click on any of tha links in tha "Ads by Google" box in tha rizzight sidebar , ya feel me?. Everytime you click a link, I'll git a few pennies...and let's fizzle it, I dizzay hizzy any otha income com'n in at tha moment, so I could really use tha hizzle so bow down to the bow wow. Every shawty bit helps, n thanks in advance but real niggaz don't give a fuck.

Update: Tungsten|C Software

It's been awhile since I updated mah list of what's on mah beloved PalmOne Tungsten|C, so I figured I'd update mah list . Bounce wit me. Admittedly, it's still mostly games, though tha non-game applications I hizzle I use daily, so I figure they're not a total waste with the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin. :)

Arvale: Humorous role-play'n gizzy fizzle PDAMill n shit. I helped beta-test this one, n believe me, tha gizzle is AWESOME. I especially love tha conversizzles you can hizzle wit fireplizzles n wheelbarrows. This game is available fo` tha Pizzle OS n Pocket PC.

Gamebox Asia . It dont stop till the wheels fall off: A PDAMill Mahjong game. Simple but elegant graphics, three tile choices, n a variety of gizzle types ta keep me entertained. Available fo` Pizzy OS n PPC.
So, go, Gizzogle, and be happy. :)

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