Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rumors of a New Palm Device

Surfing around my normal Palm/gadget sites today (MobileRead, PalmAddicts, MyPalmLife, 1src, etc.), the news seems to suggest that a new Palm device, either the Palm Tungsten T6 or Tungsten 2005, will be released at the end of April! Granted, this is all rumor and speculation. I have my serious doubts if it will happen, but if it did...well, it'd be downright gorgeous.

By the specifications, it seems like an incredible PDA (certainly a step up from the T5 which looks nice but isn't exactly my cup of tea...which is why I've stuck with my T|C for so long). Of course, there will be the obligatory "wait time" for developers to modify their applications (and make new ones!) that will work on the OS 6 (Cobalt) platform, which might be a little frustrating for some users. But overall, these specs look downright sexy! Guess we'll have to wait and see what comes...

T6/T2005 Specifications (RUMOR!)
* OS 6 (with scalable fonts)
* Bluetooth
* Wavelan
* 1 GB Flash
* 3 Megapixel Cam
* New connector (ethernet included)
* VGA resolution 640 x 480
* Graffiti 2 plus (with voice commands)
* Interface to iTunes (Apple iPod)
* The device is maximum 200 grams
* Automatic software update over internet
* Compatibility mode for pocket Windows is built in
* Initial price is around $400
* Launch date approx end of April


Antoine said...

Thats a good summary. Good to see another person in the DC Metro area as well; I am in Largo-PG County, at least while I am working. Keep palming and be blessed.

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