Friday, March 25, 2005

iPod Shuffle Case

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Over at iPodlounge today, I noticed a little blurb about a guy who used a Penguin mints tin (similar to an Altoids tin) as an iPod Shuffle case. The guy apparently really wanted to listen to music during study hall, so devised the case to hide his iPod Shuffle so he could jam out to tunes. Even better, he allowed for the possibility that he might get caught, so also brought a portable CD player with him, so that if the teacher noticed he was listening to music, he could claim he was listening on that, and once the teacher confiscated the CD player, he'd still have his tunes all set.

The guy who did this posted pictures of it over at flickr, and the comlete photostream can be found here. Cute idea, and yet another great use for those mint tins!


Brian C Merrell said...

That is slick. I knew I was saving all my Altoids tin for a reason. Now I can put one of these in there.

kristin, a/k/a gimpy said...

Interesting, you have the Phillips FL300. What is the storage on that one?