Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terps Into NIT Round 3

In moderately exciting Terps news, they beat the Wildcats of Davidson last night and earned the right to play Texas Christian University on Saturday at noon in the 3rd round of the NIT (noon ET, televised nationally on ESPN2). I was fortunate enough to get to go to last night's game.

The first half was a bit scary to watch: the Terps got off to their traditionally slow start and at one point, they were down 16 whole points to a team that we should have dominated all along. Luckily, they ended the first half on a 16-0 run and carried the energy into the 2nd half, finally winning the game 78-63. I went with Jeff and Scott, and our seats ended up on the floor behind the visiting side's bucket. That was an interesting place to sit, for lack of a better word. The Davidson cheerleaders were in front of us, and the Davidson fans were just to our right. Their school colors are also black and red, so even though the Comcast Center was decked in red, the fans nearest us were screaming their support for Davidson. Even with that, though, we had a great time, made all the better by the Terps winning. :)

On a side Terps note, has anybody else heard the rumors about John Gilchrest wanting to join the NBA pre-draft camp? I caught the tail end of something on my way up to my parents' house on Sports Talk 980, saying that he might be leaving the team (good thing Sterling Ledbetter is a much better PG than he is right now anyway, considering Gilchrest has had his head up his ass for the entire season). That's one of the best parts of the NIT: some of the big name teams are already out of the NCAA Tourney and thus can't practice anymore, but the Terps are still in the NIT and so are allowed to practice, and for this squad, that practice is going to make us that much stronger next season.

So don't forget, Terps fans, to tune in on Saturday. Go Terps!!!

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