Saturday, October 02, 2004

Firefox help?

ok, i'm hoping that somebody reading this can give me a hand, i actually posted this note as a "comment" on Joel from 1src's Switchblog.

does anybody have similar problems with firefox on a PC and/or know how to resolve the problems:
i've had firefox since version 0.7 or so on my PC and have never been able to use the "automatic update" feature (it never updates, just tells me that it's installing them making no progress). similarly, if i try to open a link that requires a popup (such as this comments page!) and forget to hit ctrl while i click it, it never opens for me unless i shut down firefox and restart it.
i hate IE but man, this is getting inconvenient...any ideas?

UPDATE: It seems that there was an option in the Tools/Options menu to "Allow websites to install..." that needs to be checked for the automatic updates to work. Still can't figure out what's going on with the pop-up blocking, but it's good to know I wasn't going crazy with the update installations.

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Anonymous said...

hi kristin, joel here. I posted this comment in turn at my site... here it is again.

"kristin, thanks for visiting :) Can't seem to replicate your problem on a PC or on a Mac. I've just updated Firefox in my PC using the update feature and all went well. It too is .10.1. I remember that the update feature was broken a while back... Clicking on popup links also works for me. My only suggestion is to uninstall Mozilla and Firefox programs, restart, and reinstall the latest version of Firefox."