Sunday, October 03, 2004

Firefox revisited

as an update to my previous post about firefox not working 100% (particularly with regards to getting and installing updates automatically), i did as suggested and uninstalled it and then installed the new version.

unfortunately this didn't really help much. i still can't seem to get it to auto install updates. for example, the fresh install required that flash be re-installed. however, when the agent told me it needed to be installed and i told it to go ahead and install flash, it sat there doing nothing and making no progress for about 20 minutes before i decided to kill it. i've since gone and manually installed flash, but this is a very annoying inconvenience. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

as another little observation, this fresh install of firefox doesn't seem to be showing me the confirmation of the publication of posts here...odd.

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Bill Gates loves you. :)