Monday, October 04, 2004

What's playing...

Thought I'd drop a fast note here to put a little word out for some CD's I've been listening to lately and think are damn good.

First is the Damnwells CD, Bastards of the Beat. I'd never heard of these guys until my friend Meghan recommended them to me. Mellow tunes, a sound I haven't really heard before. Like Linkin' Park, it's easy to say that the songs on this CD don't sound like the one before it. That is a huge gripe of mine lately, that you buy a CD and every song sounds the same.

Then there's the new Green Day release, American Idiot. I've been a GD fan for a long time...since "back in the day" in high school when listening to Dookie. I'll be the first to admit, especially at the beginning, their songs sounded all the same. This CD is a new leaf for them, a sort of maturation of Billie Joe and the rest of the band. They still use only three chords...but now they've developed into actual music. This is the best CD I've ever heard from them.

Finally there is Frou Frou's Details CD. Another band I hadn't heard of until recently, I was turned onto them by their song "Let Go" which I heard on the Garden State soundtrack (it's #12 on that CD). The CD is another "unique sound" CD. I'm not sure who I could compare it to, sort of like a cross between Tori Amos and some more "rock-y" band.

Good listening, go out and buy 'em. :)

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None said...

I kinda found Green Day's album a little bit dated...don't get me wrong, I loved Dookie just like everyone else, and since then I've always given them a listen, but man, it just feels like 1994 all over again when I stream it off Rhapsody, and I don't know if that's really a good thing or not. =/

Frou Frou. Super dorky name, great album. It makes you wonder how groups like this go unnoticed and yet schlock like Maroon5 and Emimen's new pop disco whateverthefuckitis song dominate the charts. Truly a shame.

Checked out The Damnwells on your recommend, and not bad at all! Thanx.