Sunday, October 24, 2004

Peroneal Tendons

Will somebody please tell the FOX announcers that the Curt Schilling's injury is a torn peroneal tendon sheath, pronounced "pair-oh-neal"???

I can sympathize with Curt. He's torn the sheath enclosing his peroneus longus and brevis tendons, allowing his peroneus brevis (I imagine) to slip in and out. I've torn that same sheath...and the tendons inside...3 times or so. Of course, since my fusion I don't have those tendons anymore, but I know the pain of that injury.

I'm impressed with what the Sox medical team has done to try to keep the tendon from dislocating. From ESPN, "The technique involves suturing Schilling's tendon in place so it doesn't flop over his ankle when he pitches. He had the stitches put in on Monday and removed after his start on Tuesday night." What a crazy procedure, though it makes sense. The team doctor tried it on a cadeaver ankle prior to trying it on Schilling, but wow. Hopefully it'll keep him healthy enough to pitch here in Game 2.

I feel for you, Curt! Great job so far. :)

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